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6 Steps to Make Sure Your Fall Sale is a Success

Yes, calving is still in full swing or barely over.

Yes, you probably have planting, breeding, and a long list of spring projects.

BUT, your fall sale will be here before you know it. While the promotion of your sale is easy to put on the back burner, laying the groundwork now is crucial. Here’s a marketing checklist to work on at least 4-6 months before your sale. Spend a few minutes first thing in the morning or evening a few days a week to think about these projects.

1. Nail down your business brand, logo, colors and messaging. Be consistent throughout the year with the content of your promotions. Use the same logo, fonts, colors and voice every time.

2. Update your online presence.

  • Is your website current? If you don’t have a one, do you need a website or a landing page?

  • Do you have a Facebook page? (If you are using a personal profile, now is the time to switch to a business page. Trust me, the benefits of the business page are worth it.)

  • If you type your business name into Google, does it find your address and contact info? If not, you need to create a Google listing.

  • What else comes up on Google? Are you happy with the search results?

3. Prepare content for your website and social media.

  • Make sure your sale date is on the website and put a “Save The Date” post on Facebook to let people know when to watch for more information.

  • Start releasing photos and pedigrees of dams, sires and calves that will be featured in the sale on a regular basis.

  • Share content from last year’s sale and sale cattle. Reach out to past buyers for updates or pictures.

4. Make your advertising plans.

  • Where will you advertise and what is your budget?

  • Critically analyze your marketing efforts from last year? What worked well and where can you make improvements?

5. Build your email list.

  • Don’t rely on expensive e-blasts from other organizations. You can and should build your own email list and send emails with a service provider for little to NO cost! Yes, it is that easy. Let me help set you up!

  • Building your own lists also provides you with data that is invaluable as you get to know your customers.

6. Set a timeline with your web and catalog designer, photographer, printer.

If you would like a free quote for any sale preparations, email or message me your Farm/Ranch name, a few sale details and your contact information.


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