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3 Ways to Boost Your DIY Marketing

I'm constantly looking for ways to do more with less. Sound familiar? I'm putting together a list with a few of my favorite tools that you should be using, too.

WiseStamp: If you've sent me an email, you've seen my super-loaded email signature (below). If you don't know me, it gives you every possible opportunity to learn a little more about who I am and what I'm about. At every touch, you should give people the chance to get closer to you. And this is a passive, non-salesy, simple option, to spread your message a little further. Create your new, professional signature for free here.

Snapseed: Take your photos to the next level with this smartphone photo editing app. Most of your phone photos could easily be upgraded with a little retouch, lightening shadows, adjusting the color, or even adding text. I also use this app to add messaging to my social media templates on-the-go. They have advanced editing options for photographers who need those capabilities. Download it for your Android or iPhone now for free, and step up your photo game.

BorrowLenses: The next 6 months are hot and heavy in sale season. Whether you take your own sale photos and videos or just want better pasture photos for your website, take advantage of trying out a new DSLR, lens or video equipment from BorrowLenses, for a couple of days or a couple of weeks for a small fraction of the price. I don't buy a new piece of equipment without renting it first for a try. Each time is totally hassle-free and I know I'm not throwing money away on a product that didn't meet my expectations.

Rent just a lens or rent a whole setup. It's also great for that vacation or special event you want to remember with priceless pictures.

BONUS: If you follow this link, you get free shipping, no code needed (a $25 value!).

I'll be working on my next list of DIY marketing tools. Let me know how you use these and what you are looking for next!

Happy Marketing,


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