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For many companies, their entire brand identity is in the type: Google, Amazon, FedEx, Coca-Cola. No fancy icon or graphic necessary for any of these major brands.

Fonts are the foundation to a great design, setting the tone for both functionality and style. When designing a new logo, or starting a design project of any kind, if the brand's font is not defined, curating the perfect font is my first priority.

Maybe you are just starting out, and not ready to invest in a brand/logo (even though it's cheaper than a couple packages of CIDRs or the next round of vaccinations) here are my top suggestions to creating a brand using just your name and the perfect font.

  1. Keep it simple: There is no limit to fancy, complicated and outrageous fonts available. Your best bet is to stay away from these overly complex designs for many reasons like readability, transferability and identity.

  2. Avoid trendy fonts: I can thumb through livestock magazines and spot overused fonts from a mile away. While the first time or two you use them, they may catch eyes, before long, you see them EVERYWHERE, and soon, you look just like everyone else. A few fonts I avoid because they've been overused are Trajan Pro, Papyrus, Brush Script, Bleeding Cowboy and, everyone's favorite to hate, Comic Sans.

  3. Reflect your style: Are you traditional or modern? Dynamic or simple? Rustic or clean? Comfortable or sophisticated? Study the companies that represent the values and style you envision for your business and take note of the styles they use.

  4. Be consistent: Once you pick a font and style (capitalization/weight/color etc.) use it exactly the same way every time.

If you're ready to take the next step, a seasoned designer will be able to provide font options and even customizations that ensure your font is uniquely you. Customizing a font lends itself to creative opportunities that make your logo memorable, clever and the envy of the barn.

Want to nail down your style and get your brand looking as good as your cows? Start with this AVD Quiz.

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