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My Cows or Yours?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Hi Friends!

Kristin Mizner with cow herd.

For 10 years, I have dreamed of making this post. At that time, I sat at a desk in a nanotechnology firm, learning everything I could about graphic design, branding and marketing alongside my biologist boss (quite a pair, yes, I know). I was taking everything I learned, and applying it to my family's seedstock operation, in preparation for their first bull sale. This was early in the history of Facebook, before Instagram, when nearly all advertising was in print and many websites were updated just annually. *cringe*

Two years ago, I left my career in marketing and development behind, moving to North Central Kansas, with my husband. We farm with his family and run both commercial and registered cow/calf herds and love every minute of it. I've continued to manage my family's promotional program revolving around an annual bull sale and added a few marketing/design clients in the seedstock space, as well as freezer beef and a variety of non-ag related projects. It is, honestly, the best of all worlds.

In the past ten years, the cattle industry has blown up online. In so many good ways, yet, I think we can do better. It is easier than ever to promote yourself, your livestock, home-grown beef, ag services, etc., but so few of us have the time, background and desire to do so effectively, and to hire someone often costs a fortune. Just so happens, I LOVE this stuff. I have been in marketing since 2009 and I'm looking to fill a little more time with the things I enjoy. Oh, and I believe in keeping your money in your herd, and the hassle to a minimum.

Today, I'm swinging open the doors of Ash Valley Designs for new business.

Head over to my Services page to get more info or I'll sum it up: if you're looking for logos, branding, websites, catalogs, print ads, stock photography, marketing plans, social media help, advertising options, e-newsletters, a strategy analysis or don't know where to start, I'm here to help.

So, should we talk about my cows, or yours?

Kristin Mizner

Ash Valley Designs | Contact Me

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1 commentaire

It will be fun to watch as you grow your business!!love you!

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