If You Could Tell Your Whole Story....

Where would you start and what would you use to tell it? Take a look at Loving Farms, and a glimpse into their complete marketing strategy. Marketing is so much more than a logo and a website. Make sure you have the depth, consistency and commitment to build a brand that is representative and supportive of who you are and what you do. 


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Logos are the obvious and exciting first step of marketing, but, they are only as important as long as they are used correctly and consistently. Logos shouldn't cost a fortune, but they should be worth a fortune in the years to come. Consider your logo investment and be sure to invest in the other necessities: business cards, brochures, online. It takes more than a logo to sell your business.

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Not Just a Website...

Don't waste your time and money on a static website. Get help creating ever changing content that not only engages your audience, but gives you valuable information on what they want to know about you. An intelligently designed website isn't just for giving information, it's a tool to tell you what your customers what to know about you. Listen to them!

Loving Farms invests in a website that is updated constantly with images, data and genetics. An online stores gives customers the option to buy all year long and rotating banners highlight important new initiatives that cattlemen care about. 

A good website is also underutilized if you are not driving traffic via social media, advertising and email. Online advertising can be intimidating, but so worth the time to set up properly. We can be a resource to set up Facebook advertising or Google AdWords, email marketing and other potential advertising opportunities to drive new and returning visitors.

A Cohesive Approach


Research shows us it takes a customer seeing your message seven times before they take action. Now, due to a digital age with so many more brand interactions, it could take much more than seven for yours to stick out. If your message and look is different in each medium, possible customers may never put together your whole message. We believe cohesive marketing is vital to a successful marketing plan and will coordinate all of your messages to compliment the others. 


Do your sale videos look like everyone else's? How about your advertising, website and other imaging? Solve that problem by thinking outside the box and trying something new. This video displays lot videos in a new format, highlighting sale information in a very engaging and social-friendly package. This video has twice the engagement as the next highest individual sale video. 

Results Matter


You study the numbers of your next herd sire to understand how it will affect your genetics. Do you do the same with your online and print advertising results? 

If you aren't staying on top of your website, email and social media performance numbers, you could be wasting a lot of time and effort. Reviewing your numbers gives you objective data on what your customers want to know about you and more importantly, what they DON'T want to know.